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SHSforums down.

Jarno Mikkola

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Unfortunately it is.

The frequency of the crashes and the less than prompt return to full functionality may be cause for considering a merge. Gibberlings3 is, very probably, the strongest community website for IA game and keeping its name and content unaltered may shave a sense but wouldn't you think SHS and Pocketplane (I would add Black Wyrm's Lair but I know that there is unfortunately bad blood) could just pool their resources and manage a shared website?

I know there would be problems, starting with what the name should be but... It feels a bit anachronistic and ineffective to not change

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1 hour ago, Icelemental said:

Does anyone happen to have the files for Rogue Rebalancing? I've wanted to try it out for years but I finally tried to find it today and the only location appears to be the SHS site that is currently shutdown...

This is the latest that I have, I do not know if it is actually the latest or not: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/66c0x4d5fnsszj3/rr-v492.zip

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