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Bug Hunt Luridel 01.15.2019


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15 hours ago, PotiusMori said:


I believe I've found the locations of the issue with Orrin's quest. The following lines of the two clerks result in a receipt without the Small Package being taken out of inventory


Thank you for the research! Unfortunately, each one of these states leads from the dialogue state that removes the item. So the sequence is (one example - reply on line 29708 of c-arandialog.d TakePartyItem, go to a2538 - which is the first of the three GiveItemCreate() states.).

I am tinkering a bit today, and will have the addition of the Destroy in tonight’s upload. I am hoping that fixes that.

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16 hours ago, PotiusMori said:

Aran’s drunk talk fires twice in SoA. Should it fire 3 times

I bet the fix I made to it bypasses the third one - I will recheck and re-enable it!

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16 hours ago, PotiusMori said:

When talking to him again to rejoin the party, he returns all the following lines. Just not sure if they’re all meant to fire at once:

Heh. Wow I went overboard on those. Only one of the 5 is an error - I filtered these through several CHAIN s to try to capture other NPCs commentary on him rejoining. The entire set of structures is enough to be its own mod. Dang. 

Ok, I may need to revisit this after release and simplify it some. Local copy has the one “friendly gesture” line fixed, as it is supposed to fire only if Aerie responds to him rejoining - still has initial state, two intervening fishing nets for other NPCs, and then the action state, which by the “Rule of Three” is one too many. 

For v2 after release, we can simplify this greatly and simultaneously find more of the BioWare crew to have different responses. 


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On 2/24/2019 at 2:03 AM, PotiusMori said:

Not sure if Inn flirts are working as intended 

Not sure, though, if they're meant to be triggered by PID in the inns. They sometimes trigger spontaneously if the timer has run to 0 (e.g. game left on pause or AdvanceRealTime used), but PID in inns will return with that conversation rather than his standard PID menu - this seems to be blocked by the timer, though, so if talked to in the inn after this talk fires, his regular PID can be accessed. His regular flirts and talks still fire in inns. Several of the options result in a inn-rest (I can investigate which ones if needed) - which is kinda cool for free rests in inns, but maybe not intentional. 


Checked through my notes and the code comments, and this is intended behavior (or rather, it is a limitation of using PIDs this way). The Inn Rest ones are also intended, or rather a logic loophole on my part, as I never thought of them as “free”, but they actually fire without checking for coin or taking it - and neither do the bath house flirts, etc!

I’m cool with a free stay 😎

The more difficult thing is doing the correct rest movie. If you find any mismatched (like an Inn rest when camping outdoors) I want to fix them. I have a cool “cover all the eventualities in one codeblock by AreaType”, but decided to tailor each one to its expected triggering matching everyone else’s mod code.

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About the rest movie, I found it strange that there's no rest movie after Aran's night visit dialogue.
Ask him to "Come to me when we rest" from PID then click the rest button, night visit dialogue plays but it will not trigger a rest when it ends. I need to click the rest button again to rest the party.

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9727 = ~[PC] I know better. It is really the thrill of adventure that excites you, isn't it[./?]~


@3642 = ~[ARAN] Well, I do admit you are[should it be “be” to be consistent?] a sight to be watched, <CHARNAME>. But I can watch you an' keep lookout too.~


In the LT that starts with:

@3625 = ~[ARAN] That strap there looks a bit worse for th' wear. Here, let me...~

There are a couple of flow issues I noticed. Very minor, though.


This line:

3637 = ~[ARAN] Well, I didn't mean to, but I am naught in th' way o' sorry it happened. An' I notice you didn't box my ears when my hand kinda wandered off course.~

Offers the PC the below reply, despite Aran not mentioning the word scoundrel (though he does in 3639)

3635 = ~[PC] Scoundrel. Aran, you surprise me. You actually know a word longer than 'aye'.~

And this option:

@3665 = ~[PC] And you chose to use this extensive vocabulary on me because...

Returns the following line, but doesn’t actually mention he’s flattering himself:

@3655 = ~[ARAN] Well, not to flatter myself, exactly. I just believe in takin' some chances, is all.



When Sheri the Bardess is not installed, during Aran’s conversation in the Mithrest Inn,

@13480 = ~[PC] I do not usually wander up to strangers and talk to them. Even other bards and storytellers. I usually listen without interacting with them.~


@13541 = ~A SELLSWORD stands before the arena! Will this would-be SCRIBE show that the QUILL is mightier than the SWORD?~

Which seems weird.


The friendtalk that starts with:


@1153 = ~[ARAN] I know there be some disadvantages to bein' th' offspring o' a dead god, but there might just be a few advantages too, eh? I mean, you won't have to wait for no table at even th' finest establishments. An' those special powers come in right handy. There must be some reason Tymora flipped your coin this way. I mean, of all th' places on Toril, why did you be endin' up here?~

Can be made to loop back to:

@1965 = ~[ARAN] I think we might get a decent contract wi' th' Mindgulph, then. Takin' on th' Cowlies be a right fine idea, if we be half drunk an' just wastin' hot air, but that bunch o' arcane bastards be a right powerful force. We may need a bit o' backup.~

But I doubt it’s a common occurrence.

The first PC response that leads to it is:

@1973 = ~[PC] Rescuing Imoen is my first priority. I will think about my long term goals after that has been accomplished.~

I then chose the following responses:

@1966 = ~[PC] I thought you wanted a life of adventure and risk, far from the boredom and ennui of pub-crawling, caravan-guarding ways. Are you having second thoughts?

@1932 = ~[PC] You are selling yourself short. I think you hide your thinking, because you don't want a leadership role. It is probably more comfortable for you to follow rather than be responsible for the risks.~

@1940 = ~[PC] I want Irenicus to pay for what he has done. It can be in blood, in teeth, in broken bones, or just crisping in the middle of a dozen fireballs... but he has to pay.~

Which leads to Aran saying:

@1959 = ~[ARAN] Now, that sounds like a straightforward goal. Find th' bastard, beat th' garbage out o' him, an' get a good solid revenge.

One of the reply options there is:

@1960 = ~[PC] Not quite. If I find him, I find my friend Imoen.

Which loops back to 1965. It’s only a ‘loop’ if you mention Imoen first, then Irenicus and then Imoen again, so pretty uncommon series of choices.

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Aran and WeiDU v247 do not get along. I get the same fatal error described here when I try to install the mod. Jastey's solution (protecting the setup from auto-updating) does work to get it to install, so it's definitely v247 causing it.

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