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Well, while silence is a polite way, I'd like to give a more solid opinion - and it is my opinion only. Songfiction is a very difficult genra to pursue - it rarely produces an exceptional and interesting result. See, you already work with a fan-fiction, then you put another layer of reference to it, involving a popular son that have nothing to do with a fandom. It might work if you are having fun in RL or RP thread and parodying song as an improvisation, but imo that feeling of genually and spontaneously having fun with friends is lost in translation when you make a fixed fiction out of it.

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I would have responded sooner, but I've been a bit busy. As it is, the parodies are alright, and so I do view it as someone having fun...which was evident with the ones presented here.


The biggest problems with songfics in general is either someone knows the music, and hopefully they can put the words to the music...or, like in my case, they really aren't musically inclined, and it's hard to put the song to the music.

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Aye, they are only a bit of fun - I never said that they would be good! :) This project originally started out as a personal joke with some friends on another forum, so I guess an awful lot got lost in translation, so to speak! ;)


Anyways, all comments are valid and appreciated

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I haven't posted in a while (damn real life!! grrr..), but I was just skimming through the fanfic forum and I came across LuckyOne's "Inherent Silliness" topic. While I agree with Bri that - to fully appreciate these songs you'd have to know the original song first - I found them funny!! It's always good to share fanfiction - whether it be lighthearted or deadly serious, and haveing something that's quite silly and funny does (imho), make a nice change from the serious stuff that's out there.


Errr... I'll stop rambling now ;);):)

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good to hear from another songfic writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D










(no songs in the one above, but somehow i have the feeling you'd like it..)






needless to say, I really like those songs...(two of which i've posted my own versions...) ;):p;):);):D:)

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Thanks for the comments everyone!


Userunfriendly, I've just finnished reading your "Naught Bits" Thread - Too funny! :) Seriously, those songs are great!! If you ever feel like posting them in the "Inherent Silliness" Thread over at The Chosen of Mystra, please do! We've got a whole silly FanFic thing going on over there, and are always looking for other people to contribute their Baldur-ized songs ;)

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