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G3 Mods on Github

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Guys and gals, in the coming weeks we're starting a concerted push to contact our absent authors and clarify some information about mod maintenance, including permission to move their mods to GitHub. As part of this, we're trying to formalize some policies about G3 mods on GitHub.

Mods that move to GitHub will be hosted in the Gibberlings3 organization. Other users may fork the repos and make changes in order to re-integrate them in the Gibberlings3 repo via a pull request. Mod authors, maintainers, and G3 admins will have the authority to approve pull requests. While translations, bugfixes, and compatibility updates will always be considered, content changes or additions will be deferred to the actual author.

We ask that people use and post download links only to the repos in the Gibberlings3 organization and not to the forks, so mod authors won't have to worry about unauthorized mirrors. We also ask that download links for individual branches are avoided in favor of links to files in releases (e.g. these). lynx has created a tool that can provide stable, unchanging links which serve up the latest official release for any third-party installers (e.g. BWS) that need such links.

To reiterate, G3 mods on GitHub should only be downloaded from the Gibberlings3 organization's repo. Others are allowed to fork the repo and make changes that can be approved and incorporated into the mod via pull request. They are not allowed to create a fork and direct others to download their fork instead of the official one.

As always, G3 mod authors have the final say and can override any of these policies at their discretion. This should be used as guidance only in the absence of the author stating otherwise.

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Important note to players:

If you download mods from GitHub, make sure you download the most current release from the "https://github.com/Gibberlings3/modxx/releases" page!

Downloading the master (i.e. the mod package from the main GitHub mod page) is only advisable if no release is tagged for the mod in question. Reason is that the master might contain unfinished or untested changes, whereas the releases are approved for installation into your game.

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@Arthas On the principle of "no such thing as a dumb question", mega.co.nz is a simple dump for zip archives where Github is a site which host git repositories instead. And git repositories are "Version Control System" so they provide many benefits like history of each changes, collaboration, editing files directly via web interface etc And infinite possibles to expand.

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