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2019 Code CatchUp - Joinable NPC .cre creation questions


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2019 is a long ways from 2015, and I am behind in new macros and existing code, so I apologize for asking rather than doing my own tests - looking for existing code for modern .cre creation and patching.

Under the category of “exploring ideas that are guilding the lilly because we have simple ways of adjusting by copying existing resources and patching them”...

Do we now have a working function that can create a party-joinable .cre on the fly (updates to Wisp, Mike1072, and Theacefes mod work creating scenery actors through LPF)? 

Follow up question - if I set bit 20: Prevent exploding death (BGEE) on a .cre that is to be a party-joinable NPC, does it mess with regular BG2, or should I just roll out a GAME_IS patch stack and only do that on BG2EE|EET?

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