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PPG: de'Arnise Romance v6 with EET compatibility!

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de'Arnise Romance

De'Arnise Romance is an add-on for Baldur's Gate 2. The mod adds a romantic relationship between the player character and Nalia de'Arnise, one of the
game's original NPCs. At present, the mod only adds content to the Shadows of Amn portion of the game.

Version 6 comes with EET compatibility and minor fixes.


  • EET compatibility
  • typo corrections
  • deleted unnecessary archive "libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z", "areas/pgdarn.baf", "areas/PGDARN.bam.gif", "areas/pgdarndoorc.bmp"
  • use of pvrz for the EE games
  • (all fixes from BWP Fixpack integrated)
  • renamed setup-deArnise.tp2 -> deArnise.tp2 to support ALIEN's "Project Infinity"
  • added deArnise.ini to support ALIEN's "Project Infinity"
  • Updated to WeiDU 246



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