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OUTER_SPRINT %variable% = [string]

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OR OUTER_SET %variable% = [value]

Possible? So far I have something like this:

DEFINE_ACTION_MACRO set_sphere_access_variables BEGIN
  ACTION_PHP_EACH kit_spheres AS this_variable => kit_access BEGIN
    OUTER_INNER_PATCH_SAVE evaluated_variable ~%this_variable%~ BEGIN
      PHP_EACH sphere_name_changes AS fnp_sphere => new_sphere BEGIN
        REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~%new_sphere%~ ~%fnp_sphere%~
    OUTER_SPRINT $this_kit_access(~%evaluated_variable%~) ~%kit_access%~
  ACTION_CLEAR_ARRAY kit_spheres
  ACTION_PHP_EACH this_kit_access AS variable => access BEGIN

There are 44 variables I have to define, so I could repeat this 44 times:

    OUTER_SPRINT s_Life ~%access%~

But it would be nice if I could just do something like:

  OUTER_SPRINT s_%variable% ~%access%~

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WEIDU is generally fine with this kind of thing.

You need quotation marks around the variable name (s_%variable% is probably no good, "s_%variable%" is good); it helps to declare AUTO_EVAL_STRINGS in the preamble, and sometimes you need the occasional EVAL even so, but basically everything should work. (I do this kind of thing all the time.)

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without AUTO_EVAL_STRINGS I'm using following syntax:

OUTER_SPRINT EVAL ~s_%variable%~ ~%access%~


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Huh.  I swear I tried SPRINT EVAL once a long time ago and it failed, so I concluded it could not be done.  I guess it must have been a different problem.  Cool, I'll play around with this.

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How about something like:

ACTION_FOR_EACH array IN ~array1~ ~array2~ ~array3~ BEGIN
      ACTION_PHP_EACH EVAL %array% AS key => val BEGIN
        [array stuff]

    More context: the mod will have an array specifying ~40 keys/values for ~100 different kits, and I want to determine those values and pass them as variables into a function.  The function already has a variable for %clab_name% so it would be ideal to simply name each array as "CLABFI01_array" "CLABPR01_array" etc., and then put this in a function:

ACTION_PHP_EACH EVAL %clab_name%_array AS this_variable => kit_access BEGIN

I'm getting parse errors so I assume it doesn't work... :(

EDIT - it does work!  Just need quotes around the array name:

ACTION_PHP_EACH EVAL ~%clab_name%_array~ AS this_variable => kit_access BEGIN
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