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[bug report] Feralan can wear armour

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The description of the Feralan kit states the Feralan cannot wear any armour. However, as I observed when installing the Feralan kit (and nothing else) in a fresh install of BG:EE version 2.5 my Feralan ranger can wear both the chainmail and splintmail you can buy at Winthrop's. I tested this when I noticed my Feralan charname could buy and wear chainmail, splintmail and platemail in a modded campaign of mine, so I tested it on a clean install with just the Feralan kit and saw it there too.

Pending an update of the mod (is any coming? version 8 BETA is the newest up, since November 2, 2014), is there any way to fix this behaviour, so my Feralan can't don armour?



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