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Tweaks Anthology Helper Tool updated

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There are a handful of components in Tweaks Anthology that rely on static lists for content, namely the components that apply the PnP penalties for thieving or spellcasting. Even if there was a reliable way to detect armor type, many modders have introduced all kinds of crazy equipment that bend rules (e.g. full plate that allows spellcasting) and make automation of the process impossible. Hence, this tool.

If you have a heavily modded install, or find armor that is not affected by these tweaks, please use this tool. It looks for armor/shields not already on the list and gathers info, which you then package up and email to me so that the list remains up-to-date. It makes no changes to your game and will not show on weidu.log, but it is built as a WeiDU mod.


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As you may have gathered from my posts lately, v10 is in progress. If you happen to have a modded install around, feel free to download and run this tool against it to see if Tweaks is missing armor and/or shields from other mods. The download link in the first post has been updated with a new version of the tool.

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