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SCS RC9 homework

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18 hours ago, agnes said:

I know someone has mentioned an incompatibility with Lefreut's enhanced UI (BG1 variant) already, but I just wanted to point out that I don't see the difficulty widget in the UI at all, using Lefreut's "main" version of the UI. Link: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/61571/mod-lefreuts-enhanced-ui-for-bg1ee-bg1ee-sod-bg2ee-and-eet/p1

The difficulty slider works though. An oversight in the text is that it mentions the widget in special abilities still.

In what order did you install it?

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There's only so much I can do to work around third-party UI mods (though my local version has improved the compatibility somewhat). You can set Force_Difficulty_Widget to 1 in stratagems.ini to get the widget instead of the UI change.

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1) Are fiends working correctly now when summoned by enemies? (SUSUNEER, DW#LICH1 and HLLAYEN should all summon fiends, if you console them in.) I'm interested in how things work with and without Smarter Fiends, and also about compatibility issues with Spell Revisions and aTweaks.

I play with SR v4 Beta 16 (Revised V1.1.0), SCS RC9 on  BG2EE . I have made some test with your creatures.

Gate (level9) : sometimes it is the SR version witch is casted by enemies mage and sometimes it is the SCS version... I don't know why exactlly, it looks quite random.

The SCS version of balor never use instant spellcasting on tactical, hardcore and insane.

the SR version cast only unholy word (very devastating on low lovel party) and power word stun (once for each) and so I guess the script is not optimized because balors are supposed to have more spells and more ofen with SR but surely the problems come from SR.

FIEND (level8) : Glabrezu don't cast any spells except powerword stun. (tested on tactical, hardcore and insane).  Also note that on hardcore and insane, glabrezu start the fight badely injured (71/160hp).   I think it is the SR  version of glabrezu with also a not optimized attack script.

Cornugon  do not have instant casting spell also . They cast fire ball and lightning  and attack in melee but maybe it is intended.


3) Does the new Restoration component succeed in removing, e.g., vampire blood drain and mind flayer intelligence drain?

yes it is working correctly.



4) Are vampires properly responsive to the difficulty slider?

on  improved mod, vampires are drinking blood (constitution) and they are not supposed to do it in this mod.



5) Are HLAs (player and enemy) working correctly?

Enemies never use HLA. no tested on player yet

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On 2/17/2019 at 6:31 PM, DavidW said:

2) Does the spellhold item-stealing component handle item stacks correctly? 

On 2/26/2019 at 8:25 PM, david76321 said:

Yes. Tested: Potions, arrows, bullets in total 6 stacks found, as taken, on Irenicus' desk.

One thing I noticed is that:

At the time when your items are taken if you have a bag of holding on you (from console or however): certain item stacks that were in the bag will have 1 of them on the desk outside of the bag when you find them later. I do think all the items are there just that certain (most) potions, arrows, wands, scrolls: a single item of each will be found now outside to bag and on the desk.

All is working really.

Thanks for awesome mod!

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I just wanted to confirm the problem with summonded fiends  with SRv4 Beta16 (revisited V1.1.0) and SCS RC9 on bG2EE :  

When these spells are cast by the player, they are working correctly  but when casted buy enemies some problems come with Gate (level9) fiend (level8) and Summon death knight (level 7 mage and priest).

For Gate and Fiend, I have already made some tests. 

About Death knight: when  summoned by enemies spellcaster/priests  it looks like they also do not have a good attack  script : they ofen standing here doing nothing or just hit in melee and no use any spells/special abilities.

Also I ask myself if  enemies should cast the  SCS version of fiends/death knight or the SR one. If it is not convenient to use the SR one, maybe enemies spellcasters should use the SCS version of fiends/death kinght.

Just my opinion, I reallly don't know what would be  best.





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