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SHS: Baldurs Gate Trilogy getting new release 1.20

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Spellhold Studios

Baldurs Gate Trilogy (BGT)

It is with great pleasure we are announcing latest shiny BGT release, which is another update over recent v1.19, done again thanks to the tireless efforts of CamDawg! This new version contain fixes to reported bugs of 1.19, insight into original developers' intent and leftover fixes from the Big World Fixpack.


Installation changes

  • Fixed bug where a typo in the 1.19 music fixes could prevent installation of the music pack (thanks to Salk and Lunareon)
Incorporated the following fixes from the Big World Fixpack
  • Typo fixes (thanks to Salk)
  • Fixed systematic bug where NPCs leaving the party would often use the wrong dialogue or just not leave, especially when they were leaving due to reputation/alignment conflicts (thanks to Lunareon)
  • Cloak of the Nymph could be sold for 40x its value due to a charge issue (thanks to Lunareon)
  • Fixed bug with Candlekeep missing its patrolling guards (thanks to Skellytz)
  • BGT was following Fixpack's lead in removing Zone of Sweet Air from Jaheira and Holy Smite from Viconia sue to class/alignment conflicts. However, Fixpack has since confirmed with the devs that these are intentional, and as such BGT now leaves them in place (as does Fixpack)




Please note that hitting Download button will lead you to the choice of downloading BGT 1.20 for Windows, Linux or OsX.

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