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Opcode #72 (Set IDS state) clarifications

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All the changes made by this opcode are permanent. The only exception seems to be param2 = 3 (i.e., change CLASS) -----> this means it works with timing mode 2 (Instant/while equipped): you can change your CLASS via equipping a certain item.... and when you unequip it or get killed, your CLASS is restored to its original value.

@Avenger, @Galactygon, @CamDawg Is this intended? If so, why do GENERAL, RACE, EA and the remaining ones act as permanent?

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None of them are inherently permanent.

When opcode 72 is applied, all prior opcode 72 effects remaining on the creature are made permanent.

If you equip an item that changes class and race, whichever comes first will be made permanent.

If you equip an item that changes class, then cast a spell that changes race, the class change will be made permanent.  If you re-equip the item, the race change, if it's still active, will become permanent.

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