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Doing a clean reinstallation of BG2/SCS, encountering error

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Hi! Doing a clean reinstallation of BG2 and carefully selected mods. Things that I, through my recent experience and reading online, have determined work ok together. 

I can see that it is an error regarding the summon fiend spell. When I search my root folder for SPWI807 I can see five results: one from my override, three from Tome and Blood, and one from Spell Rev.

The problem is that I am not quite sure what to  make of this information; or, more importantly, this error message. What does it mean?

I get the gist of it, it can't install the required initialization because of this error. but for my own future independence and better understanding, what does everything else mean?


NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components)

C:\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\00783>
ERROR: Failure(" is not an integer, but one was expected") in apply_standard_function: inputs were func=parameter1, arguments=
ERROR: [SPWI807.SPL] -> [override/dw#sumfi.SPL] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure(" is not an integer, but one was expected"))
ERROR: [.../stratagems-inline/fiend_spl_table_sr] -> [weidu_external/workspace] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure(" is not an integer, but one was expected"))
ERROR: Failure(" is not an integer, but one was expected")
Initialise AI components (required for all tactical and AI components) (Sword Coast Stratagems) was not installed due to errors.


Attached: setup-stratagems.debug, WeiDU.log
stratagems.debug filesize too large



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From my first playthrough I zipped everything into a separate folder before clean reinstallation. Looking at the old WeiDU log, I had been using v32 (and loving it), this version I have downloaded now (from god knows where) is v31. I am not sure if that is the source of my issue but I am certainly glad your query pushed me to realize I was about to install an older version. 

If you don't mind taking the time for further clarification, how does your question or any of the info I just supplied pertain to the issue above (if at all)?

A quick search of v31 vs v32 mentions something about v31 using a hardcoded spell system.

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33 minutes ago, krevett said:

My question was just because david don't always maintain the git repo in a playable state (as he says use at your own risk). You should download the latest RC9 from git under the "releases" tab and start fresh with that one.


"Fixed" that for you. As in, it's always best to give a link if you can.

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10 minutes ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

"Fixed" that for you. As in, it's always best to give a link if you can.


Just now, krevett said:

Thanks I'm on my phone and didn't thought about quoting the link 😉

Thank you both, I don't foresee any installation issues from here on out, considering that was the version of Stratagems I was using before.  One more q while I have some informed people here.

Y'all I have the day off today and I focus way, way too much  on minor details. I've spent the last three hours determining which components of SCS, SR, and  aTweaks are most important to me. I got entirely sidetracked  for an hour+ by the subject of aTweaks' fiendish gating and seeing if that was something I could implement while retaining SR/SCS fiends. I've decided to stop focusing on the one tree and once again look at the entire damn forest (i.e. ignoring aTweaks fiend components in genera), but now I find myself distracted by mod installation order. 

I've read that it's pretty cut-and-dry that RR should be installed before SCS. And that SR and SCS work well together. And that aTweaks will override a lot of SR components. And I think that I am of the general mind that I will always defer to SCS components when a question arises. 


Thanks for bearing with all that preamble. I just invested too much of my brain and use of Google into these subjects and I needed to get some of the mental load off my chest lol 

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In theory, Atweaks should be installed last but If I am not wrong some atweaks components are not compatible with SCS ( especially atweak fiend component)

Personally I find that  Atweaks sticks too much to 2e edition rules and is very different from what you will find with SCS and Spell revisions.  I would not install atweaks with SR and/or with SCS.

Some atweaks components are also  not convenient . For exemple, the elemental revisited component from Atweak will override many SR spells.. personally, I don't like it.



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1 hour ago, DrAzTiK said:

In theory, ... should be installed last


No. Install last the component you want to take the most presence. All other considerations take a backseat to that.

Aka, in your case for example... you could install the SR after Atweaks and none of the spells get overwritten by the later. The SCS of course is intended to be installed last... but that's not the rule either if you don't like it as a rule... it's just kind of a guideline. Just like the readme's are...

And you are more than welcome. Being the only one that's here with a Personal Computer... now, if someone could cheer me a bit and tell me why their personal telephone & computer is not an equally well put together and they still use it... then we could move on, but I highly doubt that that's going to happen with these apples, samsungs or huawei's.

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Draztik is right here, Jarno is wrong. Both SCS and aTweaks assume that if you use both their fiend components, aTweaks should be last (and SCS’s Readme is completely explicit about it). You will risk serious bugs if you do it the other way around. If you want SCS fiends to take precedence, just don’t install the aTweaks ones.

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