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ITMs and Weapon Style bonuses


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Is there a way to set a certain .ITM so that, when equipped, it ignores pips in Single/Two-Handed weapon styles?

Unfortunately, I cannot use opcode #233 because it cannot set those proficiencies to 0 if the current CRE has already spent some pips in them......

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You can use 177 x2 to apply 2 EFFs with timing mode 2... eff1 reduces SWS by 1 pip, eff2 reduces it by 2 pips. 

Now apply a 318 effect against eff1 if SWS=0; and other 318 effect against eff1 if SWS>1; and another 318 effect against eff2 if SWS<2. 

Make sure the 318s get applied begire the 177s. Call your uncle Robert. Don't explain when he gets confused. 

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The Magical Weapon Slot ignores two-weapon style proficiency, regardless of weapon category.

The fist slot ignores two-handed style, single-weapon style, and sword and shield style proficiency, regardless of weapon category. (Some of the bonuses do show up in the record/inventory screen, but are not used.)

AFAIK category 28 didn't itself ignore weapon or style proficiency.

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