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Guest ^nighthawk^

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Guest ^nighthawk^

I suppose i should start with a bit of an intro about my gaming, i played BG1 back around 1998. Now i've installed it a couple of times since, but it is rather clunky etc.

I much prefer the BGII & IWD2 graphics.


I've recently thought about installing my BG1:TOTSC and BGII:TOB games. As i'm sure you know there are MANY packs and features out now that wernt available back then and to be honest i'm a little lost with where to go from here.


The G3 mod sounds good, as do the banter packs and BG1Tutu.


A few other tweaks listed on sorcerers place have also caught my eye such as:

1) Drow innate abilities restore

2) Cal-Culator (sounds quite funny)

3) The throne of bhaal enhancements from David Gaider (the 26kb one, not Ascension).

4) Bonus and collectors edition merchants.

5) Sorcerers Place globe of mirroring

6) TOB Juggernaut golem fix.



1) The TeamBG - BG2 & ToB Level 50 Patch & XP Cap Remover

2) The TeamBG BG2 Grand Mastery Rules Fix Patch

3) Spell-50 Mod??

4) Oversight Mod


I also wish to install:

1) The Darkest Day

2) Epic Endeavours

3) Shadows Over Soubar

and possibly:

The TeamBG mod Baldur's Gate Trilogy(which is meant to incorporate the original BG game into BGII) - not neccessary, but would be cool.


Now i am aware that i might need to install:

The Big Picture Compatibility Mod or some other such thing.


So as you can see, i want the moon on a stick and i dont want to screw it up. I'm trying to keep as much of the original BGII game as is, bar banter packs and neccessary/cool fixes that make sense and help improve gameplay/experience.


So i guess i need advice.


What would you leave out? What can do just as good a job etc? Is it a good idea to install such and such? Also what order do i install these things, especialyl if i was to use The TeamBG Baldurs Gate Trilogy mod?


Really stuck, any help appreciated.



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