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Linux installation

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Installed GOG version of BGEE, but now SCS?

I extracted the stratagems directory in /game (where chitin.key is), then run:

weinstall stratagems

and it complains about some dialog.tlk it can't find, but all those files are in the /lang directories. What's going on? Are there more precise instructions somewhere? thanks

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No I don't have SoD, I'm just trying to install BGEE + stratagems + cdtweaks. I'll try to reinstall BGEE from scratch, maybe I messed up something. Or maybe is the lowercase issue I read about? Must stratagems/cdtweaks be lowercased on Linux? Thanks


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Yes, I started and selected english. No change. It must be the lowercase thing because it looks for DIALOGUE.TLK, and existing files are lowercase.

Is anybody maintaining Linux WeiDU? Because I guess it's WeiDU that should ignore case for the files it looks for.

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I'm giving up for now. NTFS doesn't work either. After symlinking dialog.tlk:


WeiDU v 24600 Log

 weidu --log setup-stratagems.debug stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2
[./chitin.key] loaded, 520222 bytes
[./chitin.key] 80 BIFFs, 36993 resources
[./engine.lua] loaded, 101 bytes
[./dialog.tlk] claims to be writeable.
[./dialog.tlk] claims to be a regular file.
WARNING: parsing log [WeiDU.log]: Sys_error("weidu.log: No such file or directory")

Choose your language:
 0 [English]
 1 [Espanol (www.clandlan.net)]
 2 [Polski (Yarpen)]
 3 [Deutsch (Leonardo Watson)]
 4 [Francais (Mornagest/Isaya)]
 5 [Italiano (Stoneangel/Improbabile)]
 6 [Russian (Prowler/Silent)]
 7 [Korean (Menocu)]
 8 [Simplified Chinese (c4_angel/www.trow.cc)]
Using Language [English]
[English] has 2 top-level TRA files
[stratagems/lang/english/setup.tra] has 208 translation strings
ERROR: could not match a directory in ./dialog.tlk
ERROR: problem parsing TP file [stratagems/setup-stratagems.tp2]: Not_found

FATAL ERROR: Not_found

		WeiDU Timings
adding translation strings       0.000
loading files                    0.000
parsing .tra files               0.001
stuff not covered elsewhere      0.003
unmarshal KEY                    0.032
Parsing TP2 files                0.033
TOTAL                            0.069


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