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Question to 0x00101FEF CD_STATE_NOTVALID?


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Cygarniczka quoted this suggested fix for dialogues that do not get triggered from a Discord discussion:


In your state.ids, change this line: 0x80101FEF CD_STATE_NOTVALID to this: 0x00101FEF CD_STATE_NOTVALID

Is this a solved topic or are you still discussing? I'd be grateful if someone would elaborate, especially whether this means all mods using it should be updated.

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Yes, that was a little hack of mine to get several conversations that were not triggering properly (I've seen it with the hamster salesman of BGQE, with Gavin's quests in the Gavin NPC mod and a couple of others) to trigger again.  I'm still no closer to finding what caused it, my party never was subjected to a confusion effect in my game and there is no STATE_CONFUSED flag on them in my save game.  My best guess is that something, perhaps some form of detectable spells mod, is meddling with states or variables but I have no proof of this.

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