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SHS: Iylos NPC v2.6 with EET compatibility and bugfixes!

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Spellhold Studios

Iylos NPC

This mod adds the monk Iylos Mirdan to the game. He is a joinable NPC sent by Balthazar to ascertain the main character's intentions and motivations.

You can find Iylos in the Saradush Inn, where he will approach you.

Version 2.6 comes with direct EET compatibility and bug fixes!


  • EET compatibility added
  • Text mixup for extended friendship track (component 2) fixed.
  • Fixed sound references for his happy / annoyed sound set.
  • Cre-file: corrected assigned effects.
  • Changed weapon proficiencies to BGII style.
  • Alternative portraits: file names fixed so they show in the game.
  • tp2: SUPPORT tag added with link to forum at SHS
  • HANDLE_CHARSETS added and inconv.exe
  • component "How much time would you like in between Iylos' PC dialogues?": coded in a more stable version, times can now be changed back and forth by reinstalling the component.
  • changed all sound references to small letters so they will be played in Linux
  • removed unused files: scripts/lk#iylo.tra; translations/english/iylos.tra
  • Readme update (links, compatibility description, version history)
  • iylos.ini with mod info metadata added.
  • Update to WeiDU v246

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Mod's Page

Download Iylos (all OS)

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