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PPG: Assassinations v13 with EET compatibility and bugfixes!

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Become one of the best assassins in Athkatla!
Work for a mysterious employer!
A bonus romance for male protagonists!
Ten new missions!
Crime and punishment!
Immersion and interactivity!

Assassinations MOD for Baldur's Gate II is an add-on for the game Baldur's Gate II, with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack. The adventure starts for non-paladin protagonists with non-heroic reputation. Talk to Bernard in the Copper Coronet.

Version 13 comes with native EET compatibility and bugfixes.


- EET compatibility by k4thos
- Lynn can no longer be reported to Brega or Renal if she is dead
- Daton should always go near the smithy if he says so (removed the EscapeAreaMove and put his spawn into area script instead)
- replaced Escape AreaMove for Qyr as well (will be spawned via AR2000.bcs)
- Prelate can be asked about Sir Alexis in chapter 6 after Bodhi is dead, too.
- Expanded time interval to ask Barkeep about Melyin (Time(18) to Time(23))
- O#Lynn.cre tuned down a bit (HP, THAC0, attacks per round) to make the fight against her less hard
- removed unnecessary archive libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.7z and file handle_charsets.tpa
- removed unnecessary folder backup
- added oggdec for Linux and sox for OSX
- (German) Edits from Textpack integrated
- in tp2 corrected: infer_charset -> infer_charsets
- renamed Setup-Assassinations.tp2 to Assassinations.tp2
- Updated to WeiDU 246

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