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[AjantisBGII] Note to translators


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In the upcoming v19, two lines in the setup-ajantisbg2.tra will be changed:

Line 16 now reads:

@16   = ~Installation of adult romance content~


And line 170 now reads:

@170 = ~Ajantis kit choice: make Ajantis Cavalier~

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@16   = ~Installation du contenu de romance pour adultes~

@170 = ~Attribuer a Ajantis le profil de chevalier~

The above string reflects the fact that I guess you are removing all READLN actions, there will be only one choice, the cavalier kit, otherwise, Ajantis will stay a plain paladin. If there are other choices, let me know to modify the translation.


Edited by Gwendolyne
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Version 20 has new lines. Reason is to reflect compatibility with Imoen4Ever mod where Imoen is present in chapter 2 and 3.

files in question:

  • alternatives_reactions.TRA




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