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PPG: Assassinations v14 with minor improvement!

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Assassinations Mod for BGII

Become one of the best assassins in Athkatla!
Work for a mysterious employer!
A bonus romance for male protagonists!
Ten new missions!
Crime and punishment!
Immersion and interactivity!

Assassinations MOD for Baldur's Gate II is an add-on for the game Baldur's Gate II, with or without the Throne of Bhaal expansion pack.

The adventure starts for non-paladin protagonists with non-heroic reputation. Talk to Bernard in the Copper Coronet.


Assassinations updates to v14. This version addresses one quest point where finding the next clue could turn out to be a bit tedious: finding Lord Melyin! Now, the PC will only have to ask the barkeep Pugney once about the Lord's whereabouts. After that, Pugney will tell by himself when the time is right and Lord Melyin can be found.


- Lord Melyin will be available from hour 18 through all night
- if Pugney the barkeep is asked about Lord Melyin but it is not time yet, Pugney will tell the PC directly when the time has come (no need to initiate dialogue by the player) (This uses an invisible helper cre because WINNKEEP.cre cannot initiate dialogue).


Download and Mod's Page



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