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Opcode #272 (Use EFF file on condition) clarifications

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The IESDP states that "If two or more effects of this type affect a creature, only the shortest duration effect will occur."

Well, this doesn't seem to be true.... Just tested via equipping 'Commander Chain Mail +3' (BDCHAN04.itm, op#272 set to fire once per round) and a modified 'long sword' (SW1H04.itm, op#272 set to fire once per 2 rounds)

Summoning @kjeron as always for confirmation......

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1 hour ago, kjeron said:

IIRC this was fixed in one of the recent EE versions.

Good to know (tested on v2.5). So now opcodes #272 can safely stack with each other, right?

Moreover, can you confirm that param2 = 0 (Once per second) is non-functional? If you want to achieve 'Once per second', you need to set param1 to 1 and param2 to 3 ('Once per param1 seconds'.....)

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It's functional, but like Poison, Disease, and Regeneration, p2=0 also requires p1=non-zero and IIRC a non-permanent, non-equipped timing mode.

I do not know whether p2=1 has any function however, as it does not share the functionality for p2=1 of Poison/Disease/Regeneration.

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