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Install Tweaks On Mac 2EE, shows None of the dialog paths were a match against zh_cn

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Hi team or any kindhearted bger,

I've been playing the Chinese BG2EE version on my mac for a while and would like to install a few mods, thought Tweaks anthology would be a great choice (been playing on windows for years).

However, when I downloaded the osx version of the Tweaks Anthology pack and extract all 3 files to my game folder (under steamapps, which contains the chitin.key file), and run the setup-cdtweaks.command on my mac, the terminal shows this: 

ERROR: None of the dialog paths were a match against zh_cn

FATAL ERROR: Not_found

It seems like an error in regards to the language, I've already copy the dialog.tlk file from lang folder to the game folder, but nothing changes. Anyone know what I should do to fix this?


Thx in advance really appreciated.



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Well, the mod tries to patch a dialog/description text that it NEEDS to find in game to edit it. Which leads to the error.

You have options... play in English... shouldn't be too hard, just choose the language at the start of the game and roll from there, install mods etc.

Or the radical is to make your very own Chinese translation of all the mods .tra files from a language to your own... yes, that's many lines and so on.... but that's what you got to do if you want to. And I am pretty sure google doesn't cut it.

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