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Duplicate malficus


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I've got a few questions:

1) after doing the second quest for Malficus (the poison one) and getting back to the inn, he is duplicated. Given that it is probably a mod issue, is there anything I could do to check why the duplicate spawned?

2) When you are getting the last quest from Malficus, the second reply has no dot.

3) When you do the final quest for Malficus and kill *you know who*, the diary gets a new note, telling "I must return to Bodhi".

4) Another weirdness: in a vanilla game,  when you kill *you know who* and you are allied with Bodhi, all the thieves inside the dungeon will flee. This doesn't happen with Alternatives. Intended? Unintended? only you know it.

5) Sime dialogue. 
"Again, I can only aPPologize [...]". One less p.



There is a space between dialogues. What is the reason?

7) Are you sure Sime dialogues are good enough for the player? If I don't remember wrong, you get her if you work with the shadow thieves. Seems weird that she gets hired again by Bodhi and is so eager to please and actually blames Saemon and tells you who Malficus was working for... After all, I doubt very much Malficus would tell her who she works for or actually get in touch with him for work given his background.

A personal note: I think Sime should just be removed altogether, because Saemon doesn't need someone to watch his back. He keeps his word, when he is sure that it can get in a even worse mess. He would not avoid doing his job, given the consequences that he would face. And he already knows both Bodhi and Irenicus, so...

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thank you. Please, don't forget to release an English version of Soulafein for us peasants that don't know German.

Btw, how would it thematically work with lava'del'vortel mod that adds an area Soulafein marks for you on the map (forgot the name of the mod, sorry).

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59 minutes ago, Arthas said:


First reply: That's an original game dialogue. I am not sure why there is a blank line. I have a wild guess that it might be the empty space after the dot in the first reply option (that I can see if extracting the dialogue (PPSIME.dlg) as a weidu.d-file).


14 minutes ago, Arthas said:

Btw, how would it thematically work with lava'del'vortel mod that adds an area Soulafein marks for you on the map (forgot the name of the mod, sorry).

Thank you for your interest in Solaufein. I remember Lava and I made sure there won't be two Solaufeins running around but I do not remember what we did exactly, and there is no real crossmod for my Solaufein yet. Its on my todo list, though, since my Solaufein is on the lookout for followers of Eilistraee.

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