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Running Widescreen v3.07 on Win98

Guest Feamane

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Guest Feamane


I can install and run Widescreen v3.05 on Win98, but get errors when trying >=v3.06.  What dependencies does it have?  Have the newer versions been built such that they require certain runtime libraries like Visual C++ or something?



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Well, the mod uses the weidu(.exe renamed as the setup-widescreenmod.exe), which in turn uses OCaml. It might be that the later versions weidu's use OCaml's that have things that are unusable in Win98... but you can revert it by removing all the setup-modname.exe's from the game folder and just extracting the v3.05's setup-widescreenmod.exe onto the game folder and running it ... but that might not guarantee that the new version works.

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