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in this topic I will post my nitpicks about your mod, hoping that my queries will be heard if found reasonable. 

                                                                                                                       1) FIRST NITPICK 
> I'm doing the rabbit quest, the one where you find the ogre inside the cave with the rabbit. The orc tells you that you can scout the cave, but you should not harm the rabbit. My nitpick is that harming the rabbit has no effect on the ogre. My suggestion is that a dialogue should fire, something like:

<< Little Ugh, nooooooooooo >>

and the ogre should go berserk and try to CRUSH YOU, CRUSH YOU TO GOO

Ah no that's the wrong monster, but you got it.

Edit: seems like a reaction was already added, but it only happens if you kick the rabbit via dialogue. It should also happen out of that too ;)

                                                                                                                                 2) SECOND NITPICK

Can the first answer be better phrased? I swear I didn't understand at all what was meant. I had to actually try to speak again to the ogre to realize that I'm telling him that I'm going to get another rabbit for him.



Wouldn't this be better?

<<Ugh, give Jumper to me. You are not going to be sad for long, because I plan to get another rabbit for you>>

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okay ;), thanks for listening.

1) [BGQE] Got another thought: Aaron's quest from this mod. Would it be possible to move him near the bridge, and not on the other side of the bridge? I'll be honest, I forgot about him because I thought he got back home alone even if he said he would be waiting... But I left the map through north side, instead of east side and as such I completely forgot about him.
It would be cool if you could meet him while going through the fork where you can go north or east (through the bridge)

2) [ASCALON]When you deliver the rabbit to the ogre, the first dialogue that pops up begins with a miniscule letter, instead of capital letter.

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