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(Fighter) Class Kit which specializes in Single Weapon Style?

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Really feeling like doing a "Single Weapon Style" run as a fighter, but the "Single Weapon" proficiency really feels weak in comparison to the other ones. Question is, is there a mod out there (hopefully balanced), which spices things up a little bit for this proficiency?

Also, should be non-EE.

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It's very hard to creatively mod the weapon styles on the pre-EE engine. On the EEs I can make SWS Spec give an extra 1/2 APR, which is pretty great. Pre-EE, you can only play around with thac0, AC, damage, and crit chance. 

If I had to work within those constraints, I would focus on accuracy (strong thac0 bonuses) and melee AC (melee only - not ranged AC, to keep it distinct from SnS style).  Something like:

- 1 star: +1 to hit, -1 melee AC

- 2 stars: +3 thac0, -2 melee AC

Would be good for rogues. 

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