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Is it possible to disable the random spawns?


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They truly make no sense...

The problem is the following: I explore a certain area and if I go away from it, even 3-4 steps when I come back there is a chance enemies spawned. But they weren't there a second before and the area was already explored. I would like this "thing" to be removed.

Another example I just faced...

I'm facing Vax and Zaal (the two fastest throwers of the sword coast) and near them 30 kobolds spawned (I know, it's my bad for having installed Dark Side Kobolds from SCS). None of the kobolds even think of attacking them, they just target you.

Another example.... I went into the basilisk area and there were gnolls that spawned near the party you meet there... But... they don't target that party, there is no infighting and honestly it is starting to affect me greatly. 

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