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Sirines paralyzing skeleton warriors?

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The last couple fights I've had with sirines (improved sirines installed), I've had my lowest-tier summoned skeletal warriors (from a 6th-level cleric) get paralyzed, or something similar. They stay green circles, but I can't control them and they don't act for I'd ballpark around 1 turn. Is this something to do with SCS, or some other bug? I assume nothing a sirine can do should be able to hold/paralyze undead.


Looks like it is happening when the sirines have run out of/gotten tired of casted charm attempts and are doing their little bobbing back and forth chanting thing in melee range.

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Sort of related: do you have atweaks' improved fey creatures installed? I have wanted to get to the bottom of the insane sirines in BG1, and I figured it was that component in atweaks that was making their strength and behavior so crazy. Their endless kiting tactics are so ridiculously over the top, I don't think even most players would stoop to the lows they go.

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