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Walkthroughs for quests

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1) FAllen paladin quest. How you're supposed to solve it?

 I now know that there was the laugh of a demon when the paladin killed the girl, but I don't understand what you gotta do


what is supposed to happen if you tell the peasants about the demon? I mean, they all go near the house of the parents, but nothing at all happens nor to your reputation, nor to them

2) Firewine quest
There is a paladin here

that is supposed to battle against his brother, a revenant

. But there are no informations on how you are supposed to help him. 
Where is this damn revenant?

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The Firewine quest is not bgqe, but either NTotSC or bg1ub. Which one do you have installed? (It's called Svlast's something).

The Fallen Paladin quest:


If you are out of dialogue options both with Sir Dauron as well as Luisa's Mother, you need to go to Central Baldur's Gate and meet a former nanny there. She will complain about being teleported to BG, and the journal entry will make clear how this is related to Sir Dauron's case. She should be somewhere at the outer circus area.

The people moved because you told them of the deamon - it's meant to be an evil option, because now the mob is facing the family. There is no reputation loss, though, because it's not the PC the poeple see as evil here.

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Hey jastey
what is supposed to happen in "the messenger" quest? 

I brought the letter to the priest, then the book to sister sapientia.


The ending I saw is just the priest leaving the vestibule.

But the readme refers to three endings. Any chance you could explain what I'm supposed to do/what is supposed to happen in the end?



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You can meet Serpentia once again when returning to Candlekeep (if you brought the letter to the priest in Beregost before).



Random there is either a good ending or a bad one. If you want to have the good one save before talking to her in Candlekeep.


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