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Walkthroughs for quests

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On 3/31/2020 at 4:44 PM, jastey said:

I think the quest is finished then. He takes a certain amount of bodies, then leaves. Nothing else.

Well, while translating this part of the mod i asked myself why is there no follow-up of this quest.

Might be a cool idea, just sayin'. ;)

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The quest was created by White Agnus/Lumorus to have a "use" for the bodies in the sewers. :)

I don't think I'd expand on it, but out of curiousity - what would you think would be a suitable follow-up?

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If the party is allowed to assist to the experiment, i expect some kind of... failure of the experiment, undeads turnings against Sylar and the party. But Silence's shop is not the perfect place.

Or Sylar himself turn into... something while practicing his experiment.

Or a simple, empty house that you might discover later, filled with zombies and on the ground lay a dead necromancer without further explanation. Maybe a journal on him.

Or, Sylar got caught by the flaming fist, you can meet him later in one of the cells. You can try to help him, proving his good will, or not.

That's how i expected the quest to end up.

EDIT : Was a bit tired yesterday, let me change a fews things.


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