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Way to skip sod?

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Thanks Jastey.

i've got a few questions:

1) do you know if such a mod would mess up with npc(s) mod?
2) Will the content thought for Sod trigger in BG2? Still referring to npc mods
3) Will the content provided in npc mods (for BG2!) actually trigger if you use such mod?

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It depends strongly on the NPC mod and how it is coded.

If we take Gavin, for example, then skipping SoD shouldn't have any bad influence in BGII - because the Gavin you meet in BGII is from the BGII-Mod, has a different Scriptname, and the player has to chose reply options at the first meeting in BGII to define which connection Gavin and the PC had in BG1 (this is also for legacy reasons).

But for NPCs that are scripted to work in EET continuously, it gets difficult. Breagar for example needs the transition to SoD to respawn in BGII (something I could change easily and might do so for future release, although not with a high priority).

But even Breagar is only adapated to work continuously in EET so he has no problem with memory loss about happenings in SoD because he was written without them existing.

A true-continuous NPC like @Roxanne's Sandrah, though, might probably break - which is just an assumption from me as I don't know how it is coded.

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