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[Solved] I screwed up with the Alter Dual-class Restrictions component

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Sorry to be a bother,

As I said in the title, I screwed up and chose to install the component

~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #2372 // Alter Dual-class Restrictions -> Install options one and two (everyone can multiclass anything): Internal working version, unsupported

Instead of the one that I should have chosen, which is the middle option, i.e. "Allow non-humans to dual-class"... because I read that option wrong, the part "everyone can multiclass anything" tricked me into thinking it was the "free for all" option, instead of the "reverse normal behaviour" option.

Now I realize my error after reaching chapter 4 in BG1 while playing EET and a whole host of other mods, and I'm not able to dual class Imoen because of that :(

Is there any option that would allow to change that restriction in-game using Near Infinity (I'm handy with that) and if it's simple enough, I can probably do that... I don't think reinstalling is an option as it's one of the earlier mods installed and it would require rollbacking a lot of stuff... lots of stuff can go wrong, in my experience if I do that... unless that changed somehow in the last couple of years I've been absent from the BG modding action :)

EDIT: I realize an easy solution would be to turn Imoen into a half-elf in EEKeeper, and I did that as test and it worked... that's how I found out my original error 😕 But I'd prefer not to do that in all honesty!

EDIT2: I managed to find the file I had to edit to be able to Dual class Imoen... I used Near Infinity to change the file called 'CLSRCREQ.2DA' and changed the 0 for the entry DUALCLASS to 1 for the column HUMAN.

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