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Unique Icons minor issue

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Upload the picture to a picture upload site and use the [ img = ] image's-www-site-direct_link [ / img ] tags with the removed SPACEs, and you are good to go.

And yes, there's likely more than 2 unique +2 full plates in the game files, so what's the actual PROBLEM you have with multiple ?

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Well caught!

There are two suits of Full Plate Mail +2 available in the game--one is a 'special' version (plat19) that you can obtain only via Wish and the other is available in two places in ToB (Gromnir and Jamis, the Oasis general). The Wish version comes with zero lore so you don't need to identify it and is practically worthless to sell (100 vs 15000) but is otherwise identical except for some cosmetics.

Specifically, the Wish version shares the icon with Full Plate +1 (plat05), aka Plate of the Dark, which is why it was flagged and covered by the tweak in the first place. Changing it to use the same icon as the existing ToB plate makes more sense.

edit: I'm also off to file some EE bug reports, as a few of the new creatures were given the Wish version of the armor.

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