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Vynd was getting lonely.

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Don't read too much into the version numbers; I'm not a coder by heart, and I don't know a damn thing about the conventions involved.

That said, there are some special interjections here and there where two or more mod NPCs will play off each other; for instance, Vynd and Flara at the excavation site. If I'm going to be adding anything, it'd probably be more of those. It adds some interaction beyond the usual random banters, and makes them feel more like a group, not just individuals who happen to all be following the same person.

It's very easy to overdo that stuff though, and I don't want to turn the whole game into Baldur's Gate: Hijinks, guest-starring Charname. I'll wait to gauge people's response before I start piling more dialogue in.

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I for one never understood why people feel that too many interjections by a mod NPC "hijacks" the game. 1) In BG1 Charname is hardly that special; not the whole group has to revolve around them. They are adventuring companions. I can see the concern for ToB, at best. 2) Why install Mod NPCs in the first place if you don't want to see as much new content as possible? 3) The conditions for these sort of multi-NPC-banter are so unlikely to be fulfilled anyway (have all participants alive in the party at the right time and place) that more of it makes it more likely that you at least see some. I really love discovering these little content easter-eggs.

Your writing is superb, and I'd be shocked to hear anyone wouldn't want more of Vynd's snarky, deadpan attitude if they take him along for the ride.


EDIT: While I'm at it, selfishly demanding more content from poor busy modders, the one thing I really missed when playing with Vynd were crossmod banters... Wish he threw a snarky remark at Indira or made fun of Finch here and there! He might even get along with Isra ... initially.

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That's fair, but it's also possible for moments like that to lose their impact if they happen too often. Banters are one thing since they're always spaced out, but if every interjection turns into a four-way conversation, it kind of breaks the flow.

As for crossmod, I'm up for it, but hey, let's give the other modders a chance to decide what they think of these guys first. Is Finch's author even still around?

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