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EET_Tweaks v1.12 Released


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11 hours ago, marcnivar said:

and I always afraid something I use is not compatible...

Which, as a rule of thumb, is a smart assumption when it comes to IE mods...

Okay, half kidding actually, because there is games where mods are way less compatible (or compatibility of two mods not feasible at all). IE mods are at least trying. :)

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Actually my current 2020 playthrough for BGEE and BG2EE are quite smooth, so far nothing game-breaking happen (touch wood..). Perhaps because I'm cautious and read /ask a lot before installing...and didn't install too many things...Even give up on Ascension that I wanted to play for very long because I'm not sure whether it will mess up with the interjections from MOD NPCs in TOB...

However, I feel like want to have more contents in my next evil playthrough (likely this year or beginning of next year) so that I will still feel fresh after playing BG so frequently since 2020....so now more to think and worry 😅

Thanks for helping me so far, may ask more questions in the coming future...

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