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Characters crashing the game on spawn in Tutu/BGT.

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Hey folks. I released a beta for a BGEE mod recently, and I'm now trying to make it compatible with Tutu/BGT. However, some NPCs are crashing the game when I try to spawn them. I assumed this was an issue with the expanded BGEE character colour palette not being backwards compatible, but I've since changed all the colours to fit the original game's palette, and I'm getting the same issue; it fixed a couple of the characters, but not all of them. I don't think it's the equipment either, as some characters are only wielding normal items from the game itself. What else would cause an NPC to crash the game the instant they're spawned?

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It's typically equipped items. For example:

  • gv#sw1h is also using an EE-only color via opcode 7 and a 1pp-only appearance (s0) which crashes gv#pam.
  • gv#helm is also using an EE-only color via opcode 7 and a 1pp-only appearance (j9), crashing gv#moid.
  • gv#shld is using EE-only colors as well, crashing gv#moid.
  • gv#jeff crashes because the creature file is corrupt--there are unused bytes starting at 0x7a0.
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