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Giant insects installation issue

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Hey! Having fun with the various new spells of Iwdification, but just one small problem:

I didn't seem to get the Giant insects spell in my druid scroll. When I checked around in Nearinfinity it looks like it hadn't been installed whatsoever.

I am using the EE version of Baldur's gate (the first one), so my game should be valid to receive Giant insects.

Also when I tried to reinstall any of the spell components of the mod, I got the following message:


Near Text: SUPPORT


ERROR: parsing [STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2]: Parsing.Parse_error

ERROR: This Mod is too old (or too new) to uninstall that component for you.

Upgrade to the newest versions of this mod and that one and try again.


ERROR: Failure("uninstallation error")

PLEASE email the file SETUP-IWDIFICATION.DEBUG to pcamagna@yahoo.com

Using Language [English]"

Seems to be having a weird interaction with my SCS installation (Note I do have other mods installed as well, WeiDU log attached).

My main question is then is there any way I can get Giant insects? Did something go wrong with my installation?

Many thanks for your help (and Iwdification of course!)


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Giant Insect is gated by a platform check. On EE games it just drops in the beetle animation (if missing) and installs; for non-EE it checks for the beetle animation via Infinity Animations and installs if it's present.

For whatever reason, your game is not being detected as an EE game. Could you check if you have cdideca.spl in your override?

As for the SCS issue, that's odd. When you run a WeiDU setup program, it should check other versions in the folder and update to the newest. IWDification beta 5 ships with v242; SCS needs v246. IWDification should be updating to v246 when it starts, but is somehow failing to do so.

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Hi Cam, I've checked my override folder and I don't have cdideca.spl in my override. I do have a .bam and a .itm with the same name but not the .spl.

Also I looked closer into the WeiDU log and the IWDification components appear to be from beta 4, not beta 5. Example:

~IWDIFICATION/SETUP-IWDIFICATION.TP2~ #0 #30 // IWD Arcane Spell Pack: Beta 4
~IWDIFICATION/SETUP-IWDIFICATION.TP2~ #0 #40 // IWD Divine Spell Pack: Beta 4
~IWDIFICATION/SETUP-IWDIFICATION.TP2~ #0 #60 // Two Handed Axe Item Pack: Beta 4


I must have accidentally acquired beta 4 rather than beta 5, could that perhaps explain the errors in installation?

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48 minutes ago, smyth25 said:

Hi Cam, I've checked my override folder and I don't have cdideca.spl in my override. I do have a .bam and a .itm with the same name but not the .spl.

This just raises more questions. cdideca.spl should be missing for EE games, so it correctly identified the game for Decastave but not for Giant Insect.

I don't think this is because it's beta 4 instead of 5, but updating certainly wouldn't hurt. Most of the beta 5 updates were bard song fixes.

edit: Beta 5 is still labeled internally as beta 4, so you probably are on the correct version already.

edit 2: Wait, now I see it. I have a logic error--the library properly sets EE vars the first time, then uses the non-EE values on subsequent invocations. So it uses EE for arcane, then non-EE for divine if you run it all at once--like anyone would do.

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Nice work! So does that mean I should install the arcane spellpack and the divine spellpack individually? Because If that's the case then I will also need to find out how to fix the problem in which I cannot reinstall/uninstall the spell packs.

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