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A safety check for a new alignment entry


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I'm adding a new entry to ALIGNMEN.IDS and ALIGN.IDS for UNALIGNED, to which I'm going to convert a number of creatures who mistakingly show as True Neutral (NONE doesn't work). There will also be a spell that eliminates alignment and its restrictions and benefits. Don't bother saying it's not going to work - I've tried it and it does work in all situations. What I would like to know, however, is, first, whether it is possible to add a new entry with Weidu in a flexible way rather than at a fixed offset, in case, though unlikely, there are already new entries in those files - at the moment I'm just writing it at 0x30; second, whether there is a risk of an overrun of data from those files into the next files or somesuch; and third, whether I could get a string to show in the interface for "Unaligned" instead of a blank space. Interface string references are all in ENGINEST.2DA, but is it possible to assign a new one here?  

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APPEND ~alignmen.ids~ ~0x40 UNALIGNED~
APPEND ~align.ids~ ~0x40 UNALIGNED~

And then use this when copying the .cre:

WRITE_BYTE ~0x027b~ ~0x40~ 

Whether appended data will be used from the enginest.2da is any ones guess, but sure you can append that too, just EVAL the string ...

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