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Known bug?

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2 hours ago, Arthas said:

I've got a weird bug with EET. Whenever I try to load a game after having left the game\or it's the first game I load at all, it always loads the autosave instead of the most recent save. suggestions?

It's the expected behavior if you choose the "continue" button.

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I was wrong :)
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Other bugs that are happening right now in my game:

1)  People talk, but it doesn't get "integrated"into the text log. What could be the reason? I'm currently using Lefreut's UI. May it be the reason?

2) During every cutscene, Minsc gets a "level up" ding (that is also written in the text log). But he is not levelling up nor has enough experience to do that. After the cutscene ends, nothing at all happens.

It also happen suddenly during the playing... this started to happen right after I did the boo kidnapping quest and I got boo back.

3) Captain Golin didn't spawn.

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