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difficulty curve problem

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Regarding OP's question.

There's a definite broken curve of difficulty. And you are supposed to leave the difficult stuffs for when you can. If you cant leave it for later, try to reload to a point when you can do so.

Say The Lich party protecting the Dex18 gauntlet leading to beholder lair. It's hellish, with Lich can cast Fallen Deva who can oneshot (vorpal hit) anyone, aside from the usual Timestop, dragon breath, and comet.

But the beholder lair and other part can be much easier.

So you can leave that sole part until two or three level higher later.

Or Cern quest where you can clash with one Lich and one major caster in that small tiny room. "just right after I wander in peacefully from the street..." it could be seriously unhealthy for your party, and require your level is much higher than usual to deal with two casters in that small room. Luckily you can reload from the area save.

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On 6/6/2019 at 3:34 PM, DavidW said:

If you are playing at a difficulty that permits SoA liches to get HLAs, you have only yourself to blame.

FWIW, if you're looking for a bit of a feedback, the only moderately difficult encounters I can think about back in v31 BGT run, were:

- BG1 final battle (actually didn't manage to complete it without cheesing, i.e. as a fair party vs. party engagement);

- some cramped house interiors inside Underdark: gazillion of drow priests that summon gazillions of bears (eh), spiders, skeletons and aerial servants, actually preventing your party from moving at all. The only time I had to use invisibility potions;

- Improved Tactics-like Bodhi -- generally because of many friendly fire opportunities with useless allies who I want to keep alive, and, again, lack of space;

- Gromnir's party. Like BG1 end-fight, except those guys actually want to kill you and steal your G3 account. Not sure how to complete that one without heavy abuse of stairwells.


Charname was a dual-wielding longsword Inquisitor with dispel power reduced to 1.5. Difficulty was Insane with double damage turned on. 

Sadly, was forced to stop (and eventually abandon altogether due to RL stuff) because of some glitchery in a cutscene after Abazigal's death. Still, got pretty close to the end.


Kobolds inside Nashkel mines are fun, liches with HLAs are self-explanatory. Beholder hives are grindy, if anything. Illithids are mildly annoying, but far from lethal due to the base game psionic protection abundance. All enemies altogether behaved realistically enough so it didn't feel unfair or anything like that.

Looking forward to try v32 when the initial release dust settles down a bit. Thank you for an awesome mod that actually became a part of my life somewhat.

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I am trying this mod out and getting routinely wiped out in the early part of the game by enemies (assassin at Friendly Arm Inn, Waylaid by Enemies Ogre Mage, guy in Nashkel carnival tent etc) using multiple Sleep spells or Color Sprays and taking out the entire party.

Hit characters don't wake up.  I don't remember the spell acting this way, but it has been awhile since I played IE games.

Definitely a real challenge already. I am not able to buy any magic items because all my money is going to Raise Deads.

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3 hours ago, DavidW said:

Sleep always worked that way in vanilla BG2; SCS doesn't touch it. (You can change it very easily by editing tobex.ini, though.

Interesting,  How did it work in BG1BG2 of course you are always at a level where Sleep doesn't affect you.

Well I looked in tobex.ini.txt and see this:



-----90 Awaken Fix [C, F]
(Identical to Spell Revisions 'Cure Sleep Fix')
Fixes awaken opcode to remove sleep opcode rather than itself

-0: disabled
-1: enabled

-----100 Awaken On Damage [T]
Creatures have the equivalent of the awaken opcode applied if the damage opcode is applied
i.e. sleeping creatures wake up when hurt

-0: disabled
-1: enabled

in tobex.ini I see this


Awaken Fix=1

This appears to be the "90" fix not the "100" fix.

How do I enable it? Add a new line for "Awaken On Damage=1" ?

Will this mess up a saved game?  Or WeIDU stuff that is installed?


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I decided to go ahead and try adding "Awaken On Damage=1" to tobex.ini.

Didn't work.  Mage in the carnival tent slept my party and killed them one by one while asleep without them waking.

Upon further investigation it appears this is an option in a different file, TobExTweak.ini, not tobex.ini.  Trying it now.

Edit: tweak does work, although oddly the character portrait of an awakened character keeps the "sleep" effect icon on it.

Sadly I think SCS is too hard so I am going to start over without it.  Can't afford all the endless Raise Deads on my evil NPCs.  All I can do is window shop for magic items, can't afford to actually buy any due to spending thousands on Raise Dead over and over.  Oh well.  Guess I'm not the target audience for this mod.


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When an invisible ogre mage shows up adjacent to your thief and casts Sleep on the party while you are fighting ogrillons from "Waylaid by Enemies", or you are fighting inside a tiny tent in Nashkel, it's pretty hard to avoid the AOEs. This doesn't feel challenging, it just feels unfair.

Some people like their games really hard, forcing lots of reloads.  I'm not one of those people.


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TBH, the encounter at the tent it's a bit ridiculous for the level you can first find it, I think that mage is ~L6 conjurer... But even if it's L6, yet his save vs. spell it's 3, so it's pretty much impossible to affect him with effects from wands or spells, and instantly casts Mirror Images, so it's also pretty much impossible to interrupt him reliably.

It's sadly one of the few encounters that the only recourse is to delay them until you have better protections for your characters, specially if you just arrived at Nashkel and you're still just L2 to L3 as you normally are at that point in the game.

On the other hand, that random encounter with the Ogrillons + Ogre mage... I don't really remember it, myself... there's an encounter with 2 Ogrillons and there's a separate encounter with a single lone Ogre Mage (from what I remember, at least... unless it's something changed by some of the components I haven't installed?)

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I was fighting (with my second level party, which has neither Sleep nor Invisibility) a Waylaid by Enemies encounter with what I thought was two ogrillons when an invisible ogre mage decloaked behind my line and proceeded to cast five Sleep spells in a row. 

Thanks to Viconia’s magic resistance she was able to stay awake and I eventually managed, via her sling, to lower the ogre’s morale to the point where he walked off the map. This left me with no loot and yet another expensive Raise Dead on Kagain. This was on the walk back to Nashkel from the Gnoll fortress. 

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