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difficulty curve problem

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On 8/2/2019 at 3:30 PM, chuft said:

I was fighting (with my second level party, which has neither Sleep nor Invisibility) a Waylaid by Enemies encounter with what I thought was two ogrillons when an invisible ogre mage decloaked behind my line 

I've never once encountered this in BGEE+SCS. Are you sure it isn't from some other mod?

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From discussion with someone else it sounds like BGT messes with the Waylaid by Enemies encounters and SCS raises the levels of ogre mages, so they both contributed. Whether this is what happened I don’t know. Other mods are all unfinished business, fixpack, tweaks, worldmap - nothing content wise. 

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46 minutes ago, subtledoctor said:

Ah. I do recall that BGT is kind of an outlier when it comes to enemy spawns, vs. Tutu or BGEE

But waylay -- enemy spawns, are not the same thing !!! One is between maps, the other is in the maps themselves.

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I was thinking, perhaps... but not sure if what I'm going to say it's totally bonkers... maybe, so don't roast me in that case, please :)

When you land on the lone Ogre Mage encounter you only see an empty area with no enemies, so if you don't know what's going on your natural reaction would be, probably "Hmm.. something bugged" and you move on leaving the area immediately... but the Ogre Mage stays alive... if later, the game reuses that same random encounter area, would it be possible for the new encounter to overlap with the Ogre Mage? In this case the two Ogrillons, plus the previously spawned Ogre Mage?

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This seems to be the answer - coupled with SCS leveling up the ogre mage of course.

From comments about the unofficial BGT fork:


Restored the classic BG1 area spawns based on the correct formula adjusted for the BG2 engine:
BGT used a spawn group system devised by King Diamond back in the early days. Unfortunately, without all the research data and tools available today, the author had made incorrect assumptions regarding the area spawn points. King Diamond's system erroneously spawned all the creatures from the given spawn point slots together at the same time, which resulted in strange combinations of a fixed number of monsters, rather than same-type creatures in scaling numbers.





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The waylaid encounters are different. They're fixed spawns appearing only at a certain time of the day, e.g. if you're in the Canyon2 waylaid encounter (AR4801) at ~6:30-8:30 an ogre mage spawns at coordinates 404.340, ~8:30-10:30 two ogrillons spawn at 76.184 and 363.186 respectively.

BGT doesn't change such encounters and they aren't affected by the spawn point issues.

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Well, having two ogrillons and an ogre mage both spawn at the same time sounds exactly like "erroneously spawned all the creatures from the given spawn point slots together at the same time." 

If BGT didn't do it, and I highly doubt BG2 Fixpack, BG1 Unfinished Business, BG2 Unfinished Business, Tweaks Anthology, nor WideScreen Mod did it, so that just leaves the Worldmap mod and SCS mod.


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So where would that area be in my BGT install folder?  I thought all the BG1 content was imported, but if so, it must be renamed, because I can't find 5700 or 5701 in either Windows Explorer nor Near Infinity.

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