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Increase Happiness without Reputation?


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I think not. Charisma plays a role in reactions, but not in happiness. Unless you want to reverse their alignments. If you want to keep them from leaving the party, you can use the Ignore Reputation Breaking Point opcode (I think that's the name). They will still complain but not leave. That opcode is bugged, though. The last time I've tried putting it on, before the last patch for the EE, at any rate, it wouldn't expire and wasn't even removable. It's only good for swearing characters in forever, so to speak.

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I created a little scenario where I want to convince someone (NEUTRAL_GOOD) to stay in the party by dialogue.

Changing the NPC's alignment with the ChangeAlignment action didn't do the job, because the NPC still has a Happiness -300 rating.

I could edit that via InfinityEdit, but I don't really want to do it manually every time. That's why I am asking.

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