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Ascension 2.0 components


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The Ascension

  • Rewritten final chapter
  • Redeemable Balthazar
  • Improved Sarevok-player interactions
  • Improved Imoen-player interactions
  • Restored Bhaalspawn powers
  • Improved Slayer transformation
  • Expanded epilogues (choose either David Gaider's original epilogues, or the subsequent alternatives by Shawnee)

Tougher Enemies

  • Tougher Abazigal
  • Tougher Balthazar
  • Tougher Demogorgon
  • Tougher Gromnir
  • Tougher Illasera
  • Tougher Yaga-Shura

Additional content (added to the mod after its original release)

  • Full-body portrait for Bodhi
  • Alternative portrait for Balthazar, by Cuv
  • Extended epilogues for Beamdog NPCs, by Shawnee (EE only)
  • Sharpened portraits for Gromnir and Abazigal, by DavidW (EE only)
  • Slightly improved Bhaalspawn cutscenes, by DavidW 


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