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HLA Tables for Total XP CAP component?

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Hi, first off big thanks @K4thos for maintaining this mod.

I was wondering is it possible to add HLA tables to the "Total XP CAP" component? (This is mainly for BG1:EE only installs using EET Mod Setup.)

Under the readme,  there's no mention for editing the "LU***.2DA" for each class.


Simply adjusts whole game XP CAP via editing XPCAP.2DA, XPLEVEL.2DA and STARTARE.2DA (if exists) files.

Available options:

    2,950,000 (BG2 without expansion XP CAP)
    8,000,000 (BG2:EE XP CAP - default)
    Disable XP CAP
    Custom value (type in integer value)

Solaufein made a mod a while ago that added level 40 HLA tables (but the link is broken).

If you'd like to use that, I could try asking around the Beamdog forums if someone has a copy. Otherwise maybe just pull the HLA tables from BG2:EE as baseline?

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What ?

The EET contains the main BG2 experience, so there's no need for the HLAs in it, as they come from the BG2EE ! As in, you are asking something that's already at present.  

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I don't think you would be able to choose HLAs in BG:EE, even after removing the XP cap. If I remember correctly BG:EE and SoD UI.MENU files (responsible for GUI) is missing whole HLA section, so HLA window never shows up. This could be bypassed by installing some mod that adds the missing code to UI.MENU, but this is outside scope of EET Tweaks.


edit: if you're asking if I want to add UI.MENU patching and missing LU***.2DA and SPL files that should be added when the component is installed on BG:EE, then I'm afraid no (I think it's outside scope of XP cap component and I'm not interested in adding more tweaks).

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Hey K4thos, thanks the quick reply.

I believe Lefreut's Enhanced UI already contains a patched UI.MENU with HLA selector, so really all that's needed should be the HLA tables themselves.

But I understand if that's outside of scope. If I wanted to manually do it, could I take the  "LU***.2DA" from BG2:EE and put them in the override folder for BG1:EE?

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Nope, it's still not enough. From what I see BG:EE is missing SPL files with HLA abilities (I didn't find SPCL910+ spells referenced in LUBA0.2DA in game resources). And if you just copy them from BG2 you will end up with messed up text since they are referencing BG2 string numbers (different then BG1). Whole weidu mod is needed in order to implement HLA for BG1 content.

edit: of course if you install EET you don't have to worry about this.

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On 6/3/2019 at 2:39 PM, K4thos said:

edit: of course if you install EET you don't have to worry about this. 

Thanks for checking the  .SPL in the game files. I would love to do a full EET install, but I don't have SoD, which is a requirement. 😕

Edit: Thanks to CamDawg in the Beamdog forums, I found the link to the HLA Mod for BG1:EE. You may also want the accompanying Level 40 Rules Tables too, if you don't have any other mods (like DR or RR) which add those class progression tables.

Edit 2: Ok I just tested installing the HLA Mod on Patch 2.5, and I noticed two things:

1) You don't need a modified UI.MENU for the HLA selection screen in BG:EE. The game will still allow you to use the +/- buttons on blank abilities, so your game won't get stuck.

2) The HLA mod fills in those missing .SPL files for the HLAs so their icons and descriptions will appear in the HLA selection screen. All the abilities seem to be working fine, except the HLA traps ("Set Spike Trap", "Set Exploding Trap", and "Set Time Trap") which seem to do nothing after they are set.

Will continue testing and see if I can get the HLA traps to work. Thanks again everyone! ;)

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update testing results
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