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Ascension 2.0.3 bug reports


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22 minutes ago, DavidW said:

I’ll have a look. These days most of my testing is on EE so bugs tend to slip through more on the old version.

Bugs will always slip through. Don't sweat it. If it wasn't clear from my message i am grateful for all your effort and for the great mods you give us. I wasn't trying to put blame or something like that.

As a temporary workaround, i copied all .spl files and ran DELETE_SPELL_EFFECT with opcode_to_delete=282 and (at least up to the point i have played) i don't have any crashes.

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Closing this as v2.0.4 is out.

The invisible Babaus issue is still extant, and the NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS problem with SCS needs an SCS update to fix (later today, with luck); otherwise, I think I've caught everything reported in this thread.

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