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SCS32: Problem installing "Improved NPC customisation and management" option

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Hello, I'm trying to install the new SCS, and i've run into a problem: the "Improved NPC customisation and management" option failed. Unfortunately my debug log won't attach to this post -- it's too big! -- but you can download it from this Dropbox link. I'm running BG2:EE on a MacBook Pro, under macOS 10.14.1. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Just for the record, the other mods I installed before attempting to install SCS are as follows:

Skip Chateau Irenicus (not the old Dungeon-Be-Gone; the new take on the same idea, available here)
Pai-Na NPC (which is here)
Item Revisions
Spell Revisions

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OK, it turns out that things worked out fine when starting from a clean install — I'm assuming the problem must have come with something going wrong when uninstalling v31. Mods, you can delete this thread if you like! And @DavidW, thanks for making such an amazing mod and maintaining it all these years :)

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