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Ascension 2.0 compatibility with other mods


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hI'd like to get a bit more information about what compatibility problems there are between Ascension 2.0 and other mods. (I expect NPC mods to be the main problem.)

Traditional advice was always to install Ascension first, because it was coded to overwrite rather than patch. (v1.5 improved on this, but only somewhat.) v2.0 is pretty modern in its approach to patching, and probably installing it *after* NPC mods is safer. (Especially since many of those mods aren't being actively maintained.)

The main exception is going to be mods that actively respond to Ascension (e.g., interject into the Sarevok/Irenicus banter). Depending on how they are coded, these may have been messed up by Ascension's changes. And of course again, many of them are not being actively maintained. (I appreciate there is an ecosystem of GitHub mirrors, and that this works for some people, but I'm keen to maintain compatibility with the officially-hosted versions if at all possible, and to keep supporting vanilla as well as EE players.) In many cases, I think the best way to do this will be to have Ascension installed *after* the other mod, and then have Ascension make the required changes to allow for the other mod.

My own standard mod stack doesn't have many mods that respond to Ascension, so I need advice from people as to which mods I need to look at. Here's my current list (I'll keep it updated):

Should be working with Ascension 2.0

Sword Coast Stratagems 32.2 and later (install after Ascension - my mod, talk to me if there are problems)

Turnabout (install after Ascension - it installs but I haven't tested it. There are some - I think unauthorized - EE updates of Turnabout but I haven't tested on them.)

Wheels of Prophecy 8.2 and later (Install after Ascension - my mod, talk to me if there are any problems)

Longer Road EE 1.6.6 and later (Install after Ascension - this is Roxanne's fix, I haven't tested it myself)

Unfinished Business: Sarevok's Remorse (So far as I can see, this should work fine installed before or after Ascension)

Edwin Romance 2.0.7 (install before Ascension - my fix, talk to me if there are problems)

Iylos 2.6 (install before Ascension - my fix, talk to me if there are problems)

Possible problems

Imoen Romance (but this seems to be conceptual conflict with Ascension per se, so I'll need a detailed steer before I can fix anything) 


Original (non-EE) Longer Road (it integrates tightly with Ascension and would require active maintenance; I don't think it was even compatible with v1.5)

Redemption (ditto)

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Guest megamike15

edwin romance will not install with ascension. i assume it's the same reason as imoen romance.  both mods change the epilogues and for some reason they can't overwrite the ascension   epilogues if it is installed first. you just get an install error.  the imoen romance and friendship and serevok romance and friendship mods may have issues also  if you install the dialogue component for serevok and imoen in ascension before them. 

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I read around that Sarevok Remorse (from UB) clashes conceptually with Ascension's sarevok. But doesn't sarevok ascension only add timed triggers  for banters that were already there from beginning?

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On 6/14/2019 at 12:14 AM, DavidW said:

Assuming by 'BGT merge' you just mean the main BGT program, then yes: install Ascension after that. (Though I doubt it will make much difference.)

Does this mean that information in http://www.shsforums.net/topic/19539-bgt-weidu-compatibility/ 


Ascension 1.42.1 or above - Needs to be installed before BGT-WeiDU if 'Tougher Illasera' component is used, since AR4000.BCS is replaced, resulting in all the BG1 dream cutscenes occurring at rest in a Throne of Bhaal game

is out of date ?

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