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Ascension 2.0 compatibility with other mods


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Imoen Romance (but this seems to be conceptual conflict with Ascension per se, so I'll need a detailed steer before I can fix anything

I don't see any conceptual incompatibility. These used to play together just fine in BGT. What exactly would you need to know? Can't really imagine my upcoming EET playthrough without either of those.

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Hiii. Im not sure this is the place to ñut this, i tried in another thread but didnt get any answer so, sorry beforehand. 

Could someone make this mod available for win32? It gives me error because is only in win64 for windows. I think.

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A request for clarification on the compatibility status of the following three mods:

(1) Kelsey: must be installed after Ascension. A look at the relevant Kelsey component has copying of epilogues and compiling of kelsey dialogues. It should override Imoen's epilogue as Imoen has a ToB romance with Kelsey if main PC is male, but as far as I can judge that is it.

(2) Sarevok Friendship: must be installed after Ascension. As far as I can see it only affects Sarevok stuff: dialogues (e.g. sarev25j.dlg) and related scripts (e.g. sarev25.bcs).

(3) Homeward bound: using v7 with BWP fixes on top. Must be installed after Ascension. A perusal of the tp2 shows that: (1) the area scripts ar1600 and ar2100 are extended (2) finsol01.cre is changed by assigning the finsol01 script; the script finsol01 is extended. (3) Things are set up so that if you send NPCs home before the final battle you get to see their epilogues. However, since it was coded for the older Ascension (the mod has not been updated in a long while, although I believe someone in the beamdog forums has released a compatibility version for EE's) it *may* mean that epilogues are overriden and you only see the original ones, not the Shawne ones if you installed those. This for me is not a big problem, since I prefer David Gaider's and am on BGT.

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On 6/11/2019 at 7:19 PM, DavidW said:

Edwin Romance 2.0.7 (install before Ascension - my fix, talk to me if there are problems)

Iylos 2.6 (install before Ascension - my fix, talk to me if there are problems)

Could I have more info as to why these would need to be installed before Ascension and whether there is anythig that could be done about it in Edwin Romance and Iylos?

Current Edwin Romance no longer gives an install error if installed after Aschension as I recoded the Solar interjections differently so the compatibility code included in the Edwin Romance was no longer necessary.

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