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Hi guys,

As many of us, I have been fully in love with Dynaheir from the first time I played her romance onwards. And after seeing how,  in SOD, they massacred the job done by the fan community which created the BG1 NPC Project, I felt very bad.

Therefore, if anybody has time, skill and vocation to make a SOD NPC Project, and in my case especially a continuation of Dynaheir Romance, I will make my day, even my year.

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Hi Everyone, not sure if this is still of interest. I am learning how to mod and one of the first things I am thinking of addressing is this mismatch in characterisation for Dynaheir in Siege of Dragonspear. I am not a writer though, so my thinking is more changing lines that seem particularly out of character in Siege of Dragonspear and potentially acknowledging the existing relationship status with affectations in dialogue responses. I don't have the writing or coding ability to do much beyond this. It is not about advancing the romance, but instead undoing some of the 180 comments you read in Siege of Dragonspear that might give you whiplash.

As I say this is mostly a personal mod to avoid breaking my own immersion. However if this is of interest to anyone then let me know. I've figured out some of the basics so I am going to be doing a playthrough and noting down moments that seem problematic as I go along.

The other slightly more ambitious plan I have for down the road is to try and introduce some linkage in Baldur's Gate 2. This would absolutely not be about bringing the character back. This would instead be about allowing you to roleplay your character in ways that let them express remorse, grieving and find closure before the character embarks on a new romance. This would likely comprise addtional dialogue options in existing conversations and a couple of extra conversations with Minsc and potential love interests.

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